1. Scrap metal, according to its size, chemical composition, type of origin and primary processing, is divided into groups – ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, which is further divided into categories of scrap metal.

2. Each category is assigned its own letter and number designation, which is used in admission documents, specifications, and mutual correspondence.

3. Scrap metal of various categories has different acceptance rules, usage possibilities, and different prices.

The amount of payment for scrap metal is calculated taking into account the weight, category and quality of the scrap, as well as the purchase prices set at a specific time period.

4. According to the rules of CM RL № 960, payment is made in euros, including the client’s current account.

5. SIA “7R” and SIA “77” withholds 10% of personal income tax from individual persons when making payments for scrap metal and transfers it to the State budget on the basis of the law “On personal income tax”..

6. For legal persons, when issuing a consignment note for the sale of scrap metal, on the basis of Article 143 of the law “on value added tax”, the cost of delivered scrap metal is indicated without tax, when entering in the invoice in the column VAT writeReverse payment of VAT.