We provide dismantling services of various degrees of complexity:

  • dismantling of building structures;
  • dismantling of all types of cranes and other objects;
  • dismantling of various metal structures (car lifts, cranes, drums, fences, bridges, fences, etc.)
  • dismantling of agricultural machinery;
  • dismantling of premises and structures, disposal of construction debris with a crusher;
  • cargo handling services;
  • dismantling of wrecks..

The amount of work to be performed is estimated on site, and a team of qualified workers will start work on it and complete dismantling of the facility, cutting of structures, and delivery to the scrap metal purchasing point in the shortest possible time.

The work is performed in compliance with all labor safety and protection standards.

By agreement, we clean the territory of the object.

Disposal is carried out in compliance with all environmental regulations.